Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wisconsin Dells

The kids and I had our trip to the Wisconsin Dells this weekend with Juli and her kids, and two of their friends. Two adults, ten kids. I survived. It went much better than last year at Lutsen. Akila was pretty good.

We had a three bedroom condo. The third bedroom was a loft that had two beds and a pullout couch. We had the 6 little kids stay up there, but then changed it and kept Akila in our room to sleep on an air matttress. That helped a lot. She kind of stayed in our room a lot and watched TV on her own. You could always tell when she left our room and went upstairs as there was conflict in about two seconds flat.

The kids had a lot of fun swimming. I'm sure we gave some people some good stories to tell their friends and family, as Akila raged and called me a stupid idiot many times in front of many people. But there were four indoor water parks, a huge climbing park and an arcade. Plenty to do.

In two weekends, Akila is going to spend the weekend with my friend from high school and her family, to give us all a break. The kids will finally be able to have a friend over for a sleepover. I can't wait. Ha.

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