Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sleepover in progress

I went to school an hour early and picked up Akila yesterday to bring her to my friend Lori's house. I just really wanted to avoid her riding the bus home with the sleepover kids and having them all drive with me to Shakopee. She was really excited to arrive at their house and I hope it is going well. I haven't called yet.

We have had a great sleepover, one child has already left and the next one will leave shortly and then a half hour until the next one leaves. It has gone so smoothly. The biggest issue has been with my youngest son, Zeke who is in kindergarten. He and his buddy had a few moments last night where they were feeling left out, but there is a tiny developmental difference. It was no big deal.

Normally on sleepovers, when Akila is home, all I do is deal with issues-constantly. I am really glad for my kids that they have a nice time and that their friends did as well. I brought all 6 of them sledding this morning and that went really well also.

It is sad to say, but it feels nice to have some moments of normalcy. I miss Akila, I love her and I wouldn't give her up for the world. But a night like last night makes it very obvious to me what our life is really like. Not normal. That is OK. It is what God planned for us, and I am grateful to Him for that. I am also grateful to have friends who allow me and the rest of my family to have a normal weekend. Thanks Lori and family!!

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Thandi said...

You are truly blessed.Speaking as one who can't even find babysitters for my 'less-troublesome' kids, I'm happy that you get time to rest from the trauma that is FASD.