Saturday, February 7, 2009

Great News

We got a really great letter in the mail. I remembered seeing a commercial a few years ago with Montel Williams driving around the country in a bus talking about pharmaceutical help for people. I googled it, and found the Patient Access Network. You can apply for financial assistance for a select group of medicines, mainly ones that are really expensive, like Akila's growth hormones.

I went to work, filled out a ton of paperwork, and received a letter saying we were accepted. I am so happy!!!!! We paid $2,100 for these meds in January and will have to pay a $75 copay each month now (we met our $3,000 deductible by Jan. 15). It looks like they will cover the entire years worth-their letter isn't very clear, I need to give them a call.

Akila's field trip went pretty well yesterday, but last night was a little rough. Next Friday, the kids and I will be going with my friend and boss, Juli, and her 4 kids, to Wisconsin Dells for the long weekend. This is a tradition we started several years ago for President's Day weekend. One of the perks of my job, she pays for the room. Last year we went to Lutsen, and it was an absolute nightmare. Akila was horrible, the worst I have ever seen her as a matter of fact. I am blessed that Juli is willing to take us somewhere again.

I am looking forward to it though, I think Akila will be much better. It is a better place to go. Lots more to do (5 indoor water parks, indoor climbing park, and the room is huge, 3 bedroom loft). I am just dreading the drive. Hopefully Juli will have Akila ride with her again. :)


FAScinated said...

Yippee for the help with the medication! Woohoo!!

Torina said...

Yahoo! That is great news!