Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cell phone #2

Seriously. I am brain dead. Why cannot I get better at checking Akila's pockets, all of them, and her backpack each day. I just found a 2nd cell phone in her bedroom tonight. And she is in no mood to talk about who it belongs to. Strike that. She just called me upstairs and said she was willing to talk. Before that, here are a few of the things she was saying:
  • F*** you, Dumb A**
  • I'm going to punch you in the mouth
  • Shut the F*** up
  • Ooohh, I'm really scared of you
  • and the list goes on, I only shared the mellow ones
And now, I am an even better mom than I thought I was earlier. I can't stop laughing. She stole the phone off of our superintendent's desk. She says it is his old one. And I can't stop laughing.


GB's Mom said...

A sense of humor is important!

dorothy said...

sort of like 'taking' the flashlight of the police officer who drives you home when you are caught out after curfew. Too funny...but we MUST maintain some dignity as we return them!

FAScinated said...

How awful am I? I'm laughing, too!

AKBrady said...

Nicely done. Humor, we gotta have it, right? Keep it up and check those pockets! I remember finding Sharpie pens in my son's pockets. "They gave them to me". Uh huh, right.