Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Lookout

I went upstairs tonight to find my three typical brained kids on a mission. Imani was on the lookout for Akila, as the boys went through her bedroom looking for their stuff. Last night, after the 3 kids were in bed and I was trying to get Akila settled into bed (my favorite thing to do - NOT), I had to dig through a hamper in her room for some doll clothes that she HAD to have before she could go to sleep. I found Imani and Hezekiah's piggy banks in the bottom of the hamper, empty.

I had found on Saturday night that Akila had her purse full of coins, and I thought she had taken them from a pile that Hezekiah had made of coins from his piggy bank that he wanted to donate to a pro life charity at our church. So I took the coins, put them in a bag, and Hezekiah brought them on Sunday. Well, now I learned that she had actually emptied their piggy banks.

They found several more piles of coins in her room, Hezekiah's missing room key and a few other things. I just so appreciate these three kids attitudes. They were not furious like they could have been. They were actually looking at it as a search and rescue mission and having fun with it. And they decided to just take all the coins and donate them into the baby bottle for church.

It is just a fact of life in our house that she gets into our stuff. It is really difficult form them, and for us, when Akila actually uses up or ruins something that is ours, but we always talk about the fact that Akila is more important than anything she can steal or ruin of ours, and that we still love her. Sometimes, in the heat of the pain of the loss, they (and I), don't feel this right away when the emotions of being wronged are still raw, but we always get there.

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GB's Mom said...

What a wonderful way to look at it. It sounds like your "Typicals" have found a great balance.