Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I was at the kid's school yesterday afternoon for the honor roll recognition. All 3 of my younger kids made the 3rd quarter honor roll. During the ceremony, I received a text from Akila's aide saying that she got a 230 on her MCA math tests, she scored a 187 in the fall and 211 in the winter, so she is going in the right direction. She also said Akila had a 2nd really good day, that is two in a row!

What a great day. To see all 4 of my kids succeeding, is a real blessing. It is what I try to look at when a few hours later, Akila is raging. Our school is full of issues like most schools, organizations or businesses are. But my kids are happy, my kids are learning, and they are supported, at school and at home. What more can you ask for?

It was picture night at the dance studio, Akila had 4 pictures within an hour. She did well, until the photographer told her to do a natural smile, not a fake one. She got mad, and had an attitude after that. So her first picture is decent, the other 3 are all horrible. I will have to remember to talk to the photographers in the future and tell them the fake smile is fine, it is much better than the fake smile that is hiding her anger.

When we got home, she was being very disrespectful and I was very calmly trying to tell her that I would not help her with something until she could ask respectfully. She eventually melted down and I had to restrain her for a few minutes. Then, she laid for about 45 minutes on the living room floor and just sobbed. She couldn't talk, or express her feelings. She just sobbed. I kept her in eye sight, did some picking up, told her I would play cards with her after she was calm. It took forever. She finally settled down, and had to take her medicine. Then she started sobbing again, and had a little tiny episode of vomiting, more like spit up. But I couldn't tell what medicine got into her or not.

I have kind of noticed, that on days when she does a really good job holding it together at school, she is much more likely to explode at home. It is like she just can't keep it together anymore, and melts down in a major way! I am glad it is at home and not school, but I wish it was at neither places of course!!! I was quite worried that she would not stay sleeping last night since I wasn't sure what meds actually stayed in, but she did. Thankfully.


GB's Mom said...

It all sounds like progress. The photographer just didn't know better (like most of the world). Hopefully, over time there will be less meltdowns, but I agree with you- better at home than school!

Hollinger Family said...

I just really like you =) so honest in the face of challenges, working it any way you can, yet humble at the same time...
(((hugs))) & prayers,


AKBrady said...

My son would do that, too. Have a good day at school then just lose it when we got home. It's so hard, isn't it?

Little Wonder said...

You and me both---I'm always happy B keeps it together at school, but I really dread the meltdowns at home.

Miz Kizzle said...

I'm surprised that a photographer who works with kids wasn't a little more diplomatic. Photos are HUGE for kids, especially girls and anything that seems like criticism is likely to cause hurt feelings, at the least.
Smiling on command is hard, too. I remember my own school picture days and trying to smile like my friends did, with the lower jaw protruding so they looked babyish and cute. It wasn't a look that worked for me. Natural is better but try and tell that to a self-conscious kid.
My kids are neurotypical but oh boy, the drama over school photos! My daughter, especially, is very self-critical and the least little curl out of place or a wrinkle in her shirt would make her declare the picture "ugly."