Monday, May 24, 2010

Nice weekend with Akila

Akila and I went to Willmar this weekend, just the two of us. My high school friends, Matt and Joanna, have a son graduating from high school and we went to his open house which was followed 3 hours later by a surprise birthday party for Joanna.

It is very hard to leave all 4 kids with Michael for a weekend, especially with as challenging as Akila's behavior has been lately, so I brought her with. There is one or two weekends this summer that I am saving up for my weekend away. She did great!

The car ride is 2 hours, and she was perfect. There were no other kids to fight with or be distracted with and we brought with plenty of activities. The birthday party was at a golf course and they had a DJ, and Akila danced the night away, it was like a dream come true for her. She was requesting songs and dancing with other kids and a few adults. My most proud moment was when she requested Michael Jackson's song, Beat It. And during the Beat It chorus part of the song, she would pound on her fist like she was beating somebody up. Not very cute to watch. I tried to have her stop with little success.

We visited a couple of family friends yesterday and then headed home. Got home around 4:30, and it maybe took 30 minutes for her to lose it and start having conflict with the siblings and neighborhood kids. It was very hot and humid, as it is today, so we went out to dinner. She was having a hard time holding it together but we made it.

Tomorrow, we have to go back to the Neuro-Psychologist for some more testing. Last Tuesday, is when she was doing her testing with the Dr. After lunch, around 1:30, the Dr. came out to ask me if we could come back next week sometime as Akila was having a really hard time focusing and sitting still. She had done really well in the morning, but wasn't anymore. I think I should bring her in around 6:00 for the testing, what an eye opener that would be!!

Depending on what kind of Dr. appt I am making, I sometimes try to make it as late in the day as possible so they can get a good flavor of her behavior and what I am talking about. Most people just have no idea and can't really imagine what I am talking about when I say she rages, or gets out of control.

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GB's Mom said...

BTDT- but at least she gave you a good weekend and waited to get home before she lost it! It's the little things...