Monday, May 17, 2010

More messes

A few weeks, ago, I posted about helping out my neighbor who has a daughter with FAS. We are helping them out again tonight.

Around 8:00, Akila was up in our room winding down and watching TV as I was waiting for her meds to kick in. Our other 3 kids were finishing homework before bedtime. When the two younger kids from next door came over and said their mom sent them over because their 16 year old sister (with FAS), had trashed their house. They went into our family room to play. I got all 4 of our kids put to bed, Akila didn't even know that we had visitors. Thankfully, she was good at bedtime.

Then the mom came over and the police were taking S to the hospital and she was quite upset. S had taken some tempura paint and splattered it all throughout their main level, on the ceiling, couches, furniture, floors. She had shredded some pillows, broken her lap top, knocked the TV off of the stand, broken glass in the kitchen. All because the mom would not get her soup at Byerly's. The mom had to take the younger kids to soccer, and she thought the 20 year old son was staying home, but he wasn't (at this point, she did not realize that S was super upset). While she was at soccer, S trashed the house. And it is trashed big time.

The two young ones are sleeping here, and I think the 20 year old will be coming over in a few minutes to sleep on the couch, as he has been asked to leave by the mom. It is so hard when you are feeling so emotional, vulnerable and abused. I think the mom thinks it is the 20 year olds fault for leaving. But they frequently leave S alone. He is over at the house trying to do some cleaning, bless his heart. The mom thinks she will probably need to hire some professional cleaners, which I would agree with. She is a single working mom of 4 children. She is at the hospital with S tonight, I am assuming they will admit her, and I think she will more than likely be going to some sort of residential treatment now.

It is so hard to comprehend for those of us who do not have brain damage, how something as little as soup can cause such a big mess. How something so little as being told no, I am not going to drive to the store to buy you soup, as I already drove to a restaurant and got you dinner, can turn a night into a total disaster.


GB's Mom said...

Your poor neighbor. She is blessed to have you for support. {{{Hugs}}}

Kari said...

FASD sucks.

Bless you for being there again when this family needed you.

Anonymous said...

Every once in a while I remember your blog is here - and I SO enjoy reading it! Please keep us on your list of people to help out whenever - we miss Zeke!

Amy Danzeisen

AKBrady said...

It is important, as our family realized and truly, truly believes, to know when enough is enough. But that is a hard fork in the road to reach. Our hearts break for everyone involved.