Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tough week

On Tuesday, I was having lunch with some former colleagues that I once worked with. I had turned my phone on vibrate and did not notice it vibrating. In the parking lot, I realized I had a text message from Akila's aide, saying she had hit a student and was being sent home for the rest of the day. I got the message an hour later than it came in.

I went to the school, and the Associate Principal(AP) had left the building for a meeting. I had wanted to touch base with her as the IEP team had talked in February about not having out of school suspensions for behaviors, unless they were of a more serious nature. I brought Akila home, and had her do some cleaning. She did not get it, that she was in trouble. Let's just say, she was full of attitude. It is very hard to be patient with a child who was just suspended and is not acting at all remorseful.

I was kind of emotional and slightly upset all night as I just don't see suspensions as a good option. We had a very busy night with a K-2 concert and some other things, but I wanted to send an email to the AP. I thought about waiting a few days, and decided not to. I sent an email late Tuesday night, and she called me yesterday morning when I wasn't available and wanted to talk.

I stopped by the school in the afternoon and we had a great conversation. She agreed with me on the suspension, and we talked a little about in school suspension, and other consequence ideas. And we talked about bringing her IEP team together when there was an issue. This is what her IEP says, but the AP just wasn't familiar with all the details of her IEP. So, it was a good meeting and I felt better afterwards.

Then there is today. My cell phone rings this morning, and it is the school. Many of you know the feeling you have when the school is calling. I always hold my breath as I answer. Sure enough, Akila was back in the AP's office for hitting a Kindergarten student in the afterschool program. They had assembled the IEP team and we talked to Akila about the situation. The AP is understandably worried with two issues of hitting in one week. Akila is losing recess today and if there is another incident like this, she will have in school suspension.

So, what can I say. Her behavior is frustrating. Is it going to get better? I truly doubt it. Am I prepared for it to get more challenging? Only by the grace of God. He knows what we can handle. He knows what is best for Akila. At this point, I do not feel led to home school. It may be in the future. I will be honest and say that I can't imagine how it could work. Akila is way more aggressive, argumentative and uncooperative for me, than she is at school.

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GB's Mom said...

Sorry you had a hard week. It is amazing how a legal document like an IEP can go unread by the very people who are responsible for enforcing it. {{{Hugs}}}