Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rage diverted

Yesterday was the last dance class of the year. They give out medals to all the dancers and trophies for girls who have been taking for 2,5 or 7 years. Parents are responsible for signing up their dancers for the trophies, as it is a lot of work to keep track of how many years they have been taking consecutively. Not to mention, that it would be my job to do as the very part-time office manager.

Well, I forgot to sign Akila up for a trophy. I remember vividly the rages from last year when she did not get one and I explained that she needed to wait one more year for the 5 year trophy. Her
FASD mind of course did not get this. She has not brought it up all year, I have forgotten, and somehow, did not think about it when my boss was ordering trophies.

Thankfully, Juli (my friend and her teacher), called me to tell me Akila was freaking out about the no trophy. I have to admit, I was in quite a panic as I could see a week of perseverating on the trophy while I attempted to get one ordered. Then I remembered that we may have a few in storage from last year that dancers did not pick up. I arrived early to pick Akila up, found one from last year (a 7 year trophy, but I did not care at that point), and gave it to her. She was as happy as could be. She did not seem to notice it was a different color and said 2009 on it instead of 2010.

Rage diverted. Thank goodness we had some extras.


GB's Mom said...

I am in favor of any rage diverted! Good Job :)

Kari said...

Now where is your Awesome Mom trophy? :-)

Judy said...

We are all about rage diverting, redirecting, whatever you want to call it.

Good call on the trophy!