Saturday, March 12, 2011

Los Angeles

We have been given one of the most amazing gifts ever. We were given a free trip to Los Angeles to attend the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards from March 31-April 3. The bummer, is it is for only 4 people, so we can't all go. Comcast is sponsoring this awesome package and it is being given through Children's Hospital. I'm taking Akila and Imani and my niece Natalie who is 16 is coming along to help me out.

We get to stay in a luxury hotel for 3 nights, go to Universal Studios, go to a kids Spa to get ready for the awards show, attend a pre-award show party thingie, and do several other things. We are soooooooo excited!!!!!

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Gloria said...

I know the feeling. My 13 year old son sits alone at lunch often unless he happens to have a good day and sits with other kids who tolerants him. It's really his fault because he is loud, hits other kids, or does something really obnoxious. Really so much a social worker can do. It is a small school and he is already labeled as different and a trouble maker.