Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Please don't slime me

Sometime it is just amazing how short term Akila's memory is for her to be able to control her behavior. Before school this morning, she was asking if she could be good for 4 weeks, if she could get a cell phone. I asked what she meant by being good. She said not swearing, hitting or kicking. I said you just kicked me 5 minutes ago when I asked where your medicine was.

I had her medicine sitting next to me at the dining room table and it had disappeared. I had asked her to get it for me and she had said she did not know where it was. She thought this was a fun game and she wanted me to play. I did not want to play. I remained calm, and did not engage, did not get mad, at all. We still had time. I waited a few minutes, and asked again. I was just going to wait a little longer, and get some different meds if she didn't get it.

Then came the cell phone conversation. For the zillionith time. She pointed out that she hasn't been swearing much lately. And she actually has been doing a pretty good of trying not to swear, and I complimented her on this. She has been using words like freakin instead and stuff like this. But when I brought up that she had just kicked me, she got mad, and angry, and pushed me, and said it was my fault, and called me a name, and got yucky.

This past weekend, she had an absolutely great day on Saturday. Her PCA was amazed at how well she was doing as she has been rough with this particular PCA for the last several months. Then, on a dime, she changed and was raging. I had to restrain her, which I haven't done in almost months. The PCA was kind of in shock, as I said, she turned in a dime. And during the restraint, the doorbell ringed. It rang a few times. At first, I was going to ignore the doorbell. Then, I decided to answer it, remembering that sometimes, a distraction like a person at the door is all it takes to snap her out of a really bad mood. And it worked. It was some neighborhood kids that we haven't seen since last fall. Bad mood and rage over. Thank goodness.

We leave for California tomorrow. Tune in to Nickelodeon on Saturday night at 7:00 central time to see if we are in the crowd on the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. It is going to be the trip of a lifetime, they are treating us like real VIP's. We get to do lots of free things, and it should be lots of fun. I am just hoping that they don't slime the audience this year. This is the awards show where they slime a bunch of celebrities each year. One year, the slimed the entire audience. I'm hoping they don't do that this year.


Betsy said...

Have a wonderful time! We will be praying for smooth travels and joyful hearts.
Can't wait to hear about all the fun you had!!!

* said...

I am going to watch and search for you. Too bad we can't call in and request special people to be slimed! Nah, I wouldn't do that...have a blast!