Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Please pray

Please join me in prayer for a new family I just got off the phone with. One of their children was taken from them today, and they have three children who have undiagnosed FASD (more than likely). My heart is breaking for this family. Child protection is involved and they are being very hostile towards this loving family. Lord, please watch over the children, bring clarity to the adults who have control and bring peace to the parents.

Update: I was wrong. Thankfully, only one of their children was taken. But in my book, one is too many. This is a loving family who is struggling with a challenging child and are not being given the support they need from the county or the medical community. I originally thought that 3 of the children had been taken away. I am glad it is one, but again, one is too many.


Julie said... heart aches for them.

* said...

No child should have to experience this. They are in my prayers.

jodilee0123 said...

I will pray. I can't even imagine.

the johnson crew said...

praying for them.

dorothy said...

Praying - here if there is anything I can do to help, partner or weep with them.

dorothy said...

Let us know if we can reach out any way besides in prayer!