Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Small whine session

Had a bad headache yesterday while I watched my little 15 month old guy all day. Tried to go to bed early. Slept poorly. Had my follow up neurology appt today with the headache specialist. Good timing. Or so I thought, before the snow hit.

Got up early, which the headache made easy since I did not sleep. Showered, got the kids off. Also had an appt to bring the van in for some issues it is having. We all seem to be having issues, the kids, myself and the stupid van. Had it set up to rent a van from the Honda dealership. Left the house at 8 for a 9:30 dr appt. Had to crack the snow off the van forever before I could leave, frozen on with ice and snow. Fun project with a pounding headache.

Got to Honda. Had to crack the stupid snow off the rental van. Was not happy about this. Got into the van. It was 9:15. The dr. was just down the road. Was going to be on time. This is important to me. I am crazy anal about being on time. Even with four kids and all of our issues, I am uptight about being on time. Pulling out of the parking spot, the van was stuck. Slick parking lot. Couldn't get it to budge. Tried to get it to rock, reverse, forward, reverse, forward, etc. Couldn't get it to budge. Finally, had to go inside. Had three Honda men come outside, took them forever, to get it out.

Was 10 minutes late for Dr. appt. Ended up taking 3 hours for appt since I was late. Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 hours. I was 10 minutes late. But this guy is hard to get into. And he is good. And I was desperate. My headaches have been reduces by 1/2 in the last two months, but they are still here, as evidenced by the massive one I have today. I just gave myself two injections, one in each leg. They gave me longer needles. Scary needles. Ones I wasn't willing to deal with in January. Now I am. Hoping in an hour or two, it is gone or better. By the time the kids get home at least. They did also give me Zofran for the nausea that comes with a migraine and that has already helped. That is awesome.

Then Honda called and said $3,300. Whatever. Of course, they had quite a list of a bunch of other things we "need" to do. But it is going to be over $1,000. When isn't it? On a 1999 piece of junk with over 170,000 miles. Eight days til California. I'm ready.


GB's Mom said...

Here's to a better tomorrow for both of us {{{Hugs}}}

jodilee0123 said...

If you are interested. . .there is a guy up the street from us who works on cars. He is usually at a much lower rate than dealerships (he used to work at one). I live in Bloomington near the MOA. My email is miskelljodifunk at aol dot com if you want his info. Maybe you could at least talk to him on the phone for an estimate?