Monday, January 2, 2012

What was I thinking?

I let Akila have our neighbor girl and her brother sleep over tonight. That is the last sleep over for 2012. Please remind me of that if I lose my sanity again, which I will do.

It went really well, for close to 6 hours. Isn't that amazing? Shouldn't I be so happy, and full of joy? The neighbor girl, M, and Imani played basically whatever Akila wanted for at least 5 hours. Then, at bedtime, they wanted to watch a movie. Akila did not. Have I mentioned that since she has returned home, she never wants to watch any TV, or movies. Or go to movies. She did watch some at the crisis home, but it was very monitored and scheduled.

But she flipped out when they wanted to watch a movie. She wanted me to force them to play dolls with her, some more. And she flipped out big time. I had to restrain her for the first time since she has returned home. I almost had to yesterday when she clocked me in the face hard, but instead I left to go to the grocery store to gather my composure. I should have left tonight, but I couldn't. She was way too out of it, and it was my own dumb fault we were in the mess so I couldn't leave poor Michael to deal with it.

I almost had to send the kids home at bedtime and cancel the sleepover, but I really didn't want to do that to the mom. Their mom is a single mom of 4 kids, and her oldest daughter who is 18 has FAS and is currently living in a crisis home awaiting a group home placement (has been waiting since May). The daughter is home for the night. I might have totally thrown their night off, so why should we both have horrid nights, right?

Not the best way to start 2012 out. What was I thinking? Tomorrow is day 17 of the longest winter break ever. I am ready to run for school board to make sure such things don't happen anymore. Except my school district doesn't have elected representatives, so I can't even do that. Sorry teacher friends, I love you all, but 17 days is too long. :)

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Kari said...

There is a little girl who lives down the street from us who comes over to play with Java once in a while. She is several years younger than Java and they play what Java wants. Always. Java has a fit if the other little girl suggests anything. Their play dates always last less than an hour. Java desperately wants friends and she always asks about having a sleepover party, but she can't handle it. Not yet. Probably not for a long time to come.

You were brave and kind to help the other mom. Sorry your night was so rough!

As for the school break, ours wasn't quite as long as yours, but I really enjoyed it this year. We finally got time with Java during the good part of her day without the anxiety of school. I am actually dreading the start of school tomorrow.

Hang in there! ~Kari