Thursday, October 9, 2008


Akila brought home a flyer from school about playing an instrument in the band. We are suppose to work with her to choose an instrument and turn the form in. She is really excited about playing in the band, but there is no way it would work out, for so many reasons.

We tried her in piano a few years ago, and we only tried it for one quarter. She would never practice, it was a horrible struggle to get her to practice and since it is more important to focus on homework if we want to struggle, we chose homework. Plus, with her dyspraxia, she struggled with the piano. Her fingers would lock up and I would try to spread them out on the piano keys and she just couldn't get them to do what she wanted them to do. Which would really frustrate her and insight a rage, even when I was being a super calm mom.

So this morning, she unfortunately remembered the form just as she was leaving for school. I told her that dad and I wanted her to focus on dance instead of band since she was such a talented dancer. She was quite mad, but did not go into rage mode. Praise the Lord!!!

Last night was her dance class, which is 2 hours now that she is in 4th grade. She has been handling this really well and last night I let her stay for the danceline class also. Three straight hours of dance and she did great. She really does have a gift in the area of dance. Praise the Lord again!!!


Sheri said...

Hey I thought of you today. I was athe school dropping of my son and I saw a kid with a cool clear backpack. I said, "Hey dude. Cool backpack." As he walked away his mom said, "He used to hide things and bring them to school or take things from school home, now he knows he can't hide them and the temptation is gone."

I thought of you guys, cause didn't Akila have those issues. Anyway . . . just a thought.

Amy said...

I'm so glad you found something that she is good at that she can focus on for long periods of time. Makes me want to put my Little Miss in dance. I actually wanted to, anyway.

I'm laughing about the chewing with the mouth open thing above, too. I know it's not funny, but mine do the same thing. They just seem to lack the ability to realize they are telling/freaking out about something THEY DO ALL OF THE TIME!