Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Kathy!!

Today is Grandma Kathy's birthday. I have written before of our next door neighbor Kathy, who is like a mom to me, and a grandma to our kids. She has been working with each of my kids for months and teaching them how to sew, and they have each sewn a quilt with her. She sent them off to a lady to put them together and do the stitching, but the kids with Kathy's assistance sewed all the pieces together, and cut them. I don't know all the technical words for quilting, but they are amazing. She chose fabric that matched their personalities or interests. Here are some pictures.

Hezekiah's quilt, above, has dinosaurs on it. Below, Akila's quilt has flip flops on it, and she is the fashion queen who is obsessed with shoes. Perfect fit!

The picture above, has one side of Zeke's quilt, which has frogs on it, which he loves. He also loves the Hungry Caterpillar book, which is what is on the other side, below.

Imani loves purple, and rainbows. Hers is a perfect fit as well!

Yes, I know, I still haven't gotten the wallpaper off in Akila's room, as evidenced in the picture below. The bathroom remodeling has gotten in the way. But isn't her quilt adorable? It will help to pick out colors for the walls.

Below, you can see them each holding a cute little photo album that Kathy made for them. She put the fabric from their quilts in them as the cover, and put pictures of the process inside the albums.

I feel so blessed. I had a great mom for the first 36 years of my life, and the Lord has blessed me with Kathy as well, who is like a mom to me. She is a retired special ed teacher (although she is always working still!), and is fabulous with my kids, and not at all judgemental about our challenges with Akila. Thanks Kathy, have a wonderful birthday. Know that you are loved dearly by our entire family. The kids were so excited on Saturday when she presented them with their finished quilts, and the photo albums. Zeke said that it was the best day of his life. And he was very proud yesterday morning that he had not peed on his quilt. Cute!!

OOPS- I forgot to mention that the kids also sewed matching pillow cases with Kathy. They really add a lot!!!!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHY!!! What an amazing woman!! Those quilts are the greatest!

Amy said...

You are so blessed to have this woman in your life!!

The quilts are so beautiful, and they will be a keepsake for the kids for a lifetime. I am jealous - I want a Kathy! :)

BTW - my boys' room has the same bunk beds!

Sheri said...

ow blessed you are! Happy Birthday to Kathy, it is apparent you have a wonderful loving spirit and are a blessing to those around you!

Wanna move to Indiana?

party of eight said...

wow, that is amazing.

Janine said...

What a wonderful woman to have in you and your children's lives, much less living next door. Those quilts are amazing and will be treasured by the kids for years.