Friday, October 10, 2008

Miss Manners

Little Akila thinks that she is Miss Manners. I can't even count how many times lately she has gotten enraged over one of her sisters chewing too loudly, or not covering a sneeze. It is getting totally annoying.

This morning, she was obsessively yelling at Imani for chewing with her mouth open, as it was too loud. She was perseverating on this fact. She has done this many times in the van if any of the kids are eating something, and did it at the dinner table last night. It is driving me nuts. Sometimes she actually has a point, but get real!!! Then what happens, is whatever kid she is hassling about their chewing or coughing or whatever it is, starts to try not to chew with their mouth closed so she doesn't win. I can't even blame them.

This is coming from the girl, who when she sneezes and has a snag of snot hanging out of her nose, runs around the house until everyone has seen it. This from the little girl who obsessively picks any bump, cut or minor owie on her skin, until it bleeds and shows everyone. This from the girl who loves to open her mouth and show the food off that she is chewing. The girl who loves to have food dripping down the side of her mouth and shows everyone. Yet, if her fork touches the dining room table, it is contaminated and she needs a new one. It is hard to keep track of what manners she is interested in from one minute to another. But the chewing with the open mouth is one she is currently obsessed with.

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