Saturday, October 4, 2008

Two freaky things

When I woke up this morning, I came out of my room to hear Hezekiah at the top of the stairs mumbling to himself, he sounded angry. I asked what was up and this is what her mumbled; "Dumb Akila. She is so stupid. She stole my camera and took pictures of her vagina." What a way to start the day, good morning mommy!!

He was very mad, not grossed out, or freaked out like i was, just plain mad. Thankfully, he had deleted the pictures already. This is on his playschool digital camera, which is a totally awesome camera for kids. Unless they're using it for porn, probably not so good. He is usually very careful at keeping it out of her sight, as she is always interested in this camera when she sees it. He and I found a good hiding place for it.

Later in the day, Akila went to the hardware store with me. On the way home, we passed a bus and she was reading the front electronic sign thingie that says what its route is. It said Mall of America and she freaked out with excitement. Not what I need. It is times like these, when I wish she couldn't read. Now she knows that a bus a couple of blocks from our house goes all the way to the Mall of America. I'm screwed.


Amy said...

oh man. I'd have been freaked out at the camera thing. I know we're supposed to expect the unexpected, but I am being honest - the sexual acting out freaks me out. I'm going to send you an email and elaborate. Waiting anxiously for those pictures. I almost hit submit before realizing how that sounded. It is far too late at night for me to be posting comments. I mean the pictures from your WORK DAY, of course. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read much of your blog so I don't know if sexual acting out is a pattern, but it is very normal for kids to be curious about the parts they can't see. I remember trying to figure out ways to see myself in a wall mirror, even as late as middle school.