Sunday, October 5, 2008

Working Hard

Above is Hezekiah helping me demolish our bathroom, do you like his spy glasses-we needed some protective eyeware and this is all we could find. Below Akila is helping daddy bundle some branches

Above, Zeke is making a PBJ on the floor, very sanitary. Below, he is working on homework, which he is obsessed with.

Above, Imani is mowing the lawn
Above, Akila is helping to trim the rose bushes, notice how they go along the wall and are pretty thick. I had to leave to bring Zeke to a bday party, and told Akila if she finished the roses, I would pay her a dollar. Below if how they were when I returned, she did them perfectly.

Above, Imani and Hezekiah are on a little part of our roof cleaning the gutter. Imagine the beating of my heart when I came around the house and saw them up there. I told Michael that I should call child protection on him. Yes, he has them vacuuming the gutters, that's my man!! Someday I will get a picture of him vacuuming the lawn mower.

We had a pretty good Saturday, spent the majority of the day in manual labor and the kids did a pretty good job. Zeke didn't get his hands too dirty though, he was at a birthday party for most of the afternoon. He has been really fun with homework. He is obsessed with it and wants to do it every night. He gets one sheet a week of homework. I bought him a kindergarten math workbook, and the first night, he finished 42 pages, slept with the book, worked in it in the morning and wanted to bring it to school. I said no. He came home from school and completed the entire book.

I told Hezekiah's teacher when we were chatting, and she sent him some homework on two different days last week and he completed each packet each night. I hope he is always this excited, none of my other kids are or ever were as excited as he is.


Lisa said...

WOW!! I would love to have a child (again) so excited and interested in learning. My oldest was like that, decided in 1st grade that he wanted to learn cursive writing so I bought him a workbook from the dollar store on Friday night, he finished the whole thing over the weekend and never printed again (his teachers could even read it - it was so neat!!). I miss that with my batch of kids who would rather hide in a closet or run away screaming rather than do a few math problems. Enjoy it while you can!

Amy said...

Yay for a good weekend!!! :) That is so awesome that he likes math. It's my worse subject, so my kids will probably need lots of help with it. Isn't that how it usually goes? :)

party of eight said...

nice outfit akila! wow.

so is michael obsessed with the vacuum?

so zeke likes homework? good for him. what a blessing.

that is great that your kids are all pitching in with the house work. i am attempting to train my kids to do things around our house, and it is more work than to do it myself, but someday it will pay off.

those were great pictures!

Tena said...

Ahh that picture of the kids on the roof scares me. Good luck with the reno project!