Saturday, June 26, 2010

Babysitter recommendation!!!

Thursday was a great day for me. After the unbloggably bad day on Wednesday, I needed it. Raquel is Akila's full-time aide from last school year, and I had already set up to have her babysit on Thursday so I could run some errands and attend a meeting.

I got lots done, my meeting was canceled last minute, so I went to Lake Calhoun and worked on my laptop for the last hour. Yes, I could have saved money and went home early, but it was so peaceful. Incredibly peaceful.

I got home, and Raquel had all 4 kids at the table peacefully making clay aliens with some clay she had brought. And... my house was clean. Really clean. Things put away, dusted, kids rooms picked up and dusted. Serious cleaning. What a blessing. They had gone to the park, played board games, and the kids had a blast.

Raquel isn't working this summer, and she is in need of work. I highly recommend her to any of you!!! She is absolutely fantastic and completely trustworthy. She is very good with Akila and her "issues" also. Please comment or email me if you are in need of a sitter, or a PCA. I would love to connect you!

So, I came home to a clean house, and then I got to go out after supper to meet Kari, my blog buddy. I have met her twice, several years ago at workshops. This was before I blogged so we have not really known each other except through our blogs. I totally appreciate and love this woman, she has taught me lots and has been a "virtual" mentor to me. Now, I can say she is a "real" mentor to me. I talked, she listened, she shared, it was fabulous connecting. Kari was in town for a work deal and staying over night at a hotel, she does not live in the metro area.

Next week, I get to meet Linda, another blog buddy. I love meeting blog buddies, they are awesome!! It is kind of funny though, sometimes you can't remember if you blogged something or not, and you are easily repeating something they know. But since you have never met them, you forget they know stuff. Linda has a daughter who is about 17 (I think) and she sounds just like Akila (who is 10). Her blog is great, but it scares the pants off of me sometimes. But, it is very helpful in preparing for the possibilities that lie ahead.


GB's Mom said...

You deserve a great day! I am glad you got one :)

Kari said...

I had such a nice time visiting with you that night. This life isn't easy but the friendships we develop along the way are a blessing I would not have wanted to miss.

You are in my prayers, friend.

Linda B said...

I hope I'm not too scary when we meet IRL! I'm so looking forward to seeing you!

Linda B said...

How far south metro would your sitter be ok with? I can check with my Drama Mama's out here. It would be nice to hang onto a gem like her!