Thursday, June 24, 2010

New day

Today is going to be better. Thanks so much for all the prayers yesterday, I feel like I am hanging over today from the stress. I so appreciate all of your support!

I am just doing a quick post before the kiddos wake up. Just wanted to say goodbye to this,

and hello to this.

This post has nothing to do with the "unbloggable" from yesterday. This is just a preventative thing since Akila keeps grabbing knives when she is mad and threatening us or the kids(or others). I asked Imani and Hezekiah what all they thought should be in it yesterday and Imani said the butter knives should be also. I'm not sure. I have to draw the line somewhere. I think a fork would be more damaging than a butter knife.

I went through my utensil drawer and took out the meat tenderizer also and a few other things. I also asked Akila what I should put in it, and she tole me all scissors, and spoons. Not sure why spoons, but scissors is a good idea.

I doubt that most people (who have not had to do this), realize what a hassle it is to lock things up. A quick grabbing a knife to cut an apple, turns into a bit more of a project. And then, I realized that when we do use a knife, we need to be careful to wash it right away and get it back in the lock box and not leave it laying on the counter or in the sink.

I bought an extra one for other items we need to lock up, and in a week or two when we have more money, I would like to buy one for each of the kids to keep their "precious" things in.

I forgot to mention the fun plumbing week we have had. Monday, the overflowing toilet which I was not able to plunge and get cleared up. Thankfully, Michael was able to when he got home. Tuesday, had a basement full of water. Hot water heater broke. Got a new one yesterday, nearly $1,000. And we are also going to get an estimate in a few weeks for a new furnace, ours is on it's last leg. It is full of asbestos and it will not be cheap. It never ends.


Anonymous said...

Oh so sorry, I know it is so hard to lock things up. I mainly only use plastic knives now (even on apples! Ugh!) and kid-safe scissors because its so hard to remember to wash and dry right away. Sometimes I keep a few butter knives hidden on a top shelf under something and use them if really needed, but then have to change the hiding place when my kid discovers it, but am hoping they are not too dangerous anyway.

GB's Mom said...

I am so sorry that is whereI remember those days. We also had a lock up every bodies medicine (separate box). It is so nice not to (currently) have to lock up every thing. Having lived this, I can imagine the unblogable. {{{Hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

Just about anything can be a weapon. Pens, hammers, flashlights, shoes, anything heavy enough to throw and do damage. Ammonia, vinegar and hot sauce can be dashed into someone's eyes. Anything made of glass can be broken and the shards used to slash with. I learned this years ago in a self-defense class. Fortunately my kids are fine and not a threat to anyone. I'm sorry to read that you're in such a difficult place. I'm in awe of people who parent children with emotional problems/neurological issues. I'm praying for you.

Megan said...

Praying for you today!

You are so right about the extra hassle of having all the knives put away - but it is worth the extra peace of mind, especially for the other kids.

I even collect the kid scissors in a plastic box at the end of each day.

Praying for God's perseverance for you today!

Sheri said...

Can I tell you my secret to locking things up? inexpensive tool boxes that have the little hole for a padlock. Then you get the padlocks that have the turn numbers that you can set yourself. Make all the combos the same so you don't have to remember more numbers. Voila!