Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day #2

I signed the kids up for a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program this week. Yesterday, when waking up the girls (boys were already awake), Akila threw a major fit and did not want to go. She finally proposed a compromise that I really liked. She asked to go to the YMCA instead.

We have a new YMCA in North Mpls, which is kind of like a drop in youth center. She always has fun, but never wants to go. I need her to go sometimes for the rest of our sanity. I accepted the compromise and brought the other 3 to VBS. None of them wanted to go to VBS either. I get it, it is the first week of summer, not the best timing. But they feel like that every time, whether it is the first week of summer or not. We usually do 2-4 different VBS's each summer. They never want to go on the first day, and then when I pick them up, they loved it and can't wait til the next day. Happened again yesterday. Too funny.

It worked out really well. Just had Akila by herself all morning, she mostly played with my niece, Natalie, who is staying with us. Then I picked up the other kids, and brought Akila to the Y. Akila had a great time and wants to go back, SCORE!!!

I dropped Imani off at a friends for a sleepover which made things a little more calm and easy at our house. If you know Imani, that would not sound like it makes sense. Imani is an easy going, sweet girl to have around. But Akila is very jealous of her, especially as our neighbor girl prefers to play with Imani, understandably so. So, last night, Akila got to play with her. Worked out well.

I had to go to a church meeting on orphan care. Our church is starting up a ministry which has several strands, including working on foster care, supporting families who have adopted, working on the global orphan issue, and several other facets of orphan care. I went, and broke out into the group that is going to work on adoptive family support. Good stuff.

I was hoping and planning on going out for coffee and meeting a blog friend, Megan, who attends a different campus of the same church we attend. We have been blog supporters, and emailing for awhile, and trying to get together. The meeting went until 8:30, I told Michael I would call to see how things were going, as Akila has been on the edge the last 3 or 4 days. The meeting went a little late, and I was talking with some great people, so I didn't call until 9. He wasn't too happy.

Turned out, Akila had been out of control most of the time. She had attacked Natalie, Michael, was destroying things, and was generally out of sorts. I had to cancel the date, and head home. She was up in bed, but hysterically crying. I stayed with her awhile, massaged her back, and calmed her down.

I then went down to talk to Natalie. She had been saying on Sunday that our family should be on a reality TV show, as it was so crazy in our house. I told her that would be fine, but that the shenanigans of our nieces and nephews would be highlighted as well. She laughed. She told me of how Akila came after her with a knife and said it was scary. I am sure it was. Akila does this from time to time, and it so far has mostly been for show and to get a rise out of the person she is threatening, usually me. I don't flinch or act scared but instead go at her, grab her arm and shake the knife out of her. I don't expect Natalie to do this.

Anyway, we talked awhile about it, and she is now down watching a movie with Akila. I think she has forgiven her. The boys and I picked up Imani from her sleepover this morning to bring her to VBS. As we were driving, Imani said, "Mom, thanks for not having Akila come to VBS". Those are the statements that cut me like a knife. The 5/6 graders are together and there are only 11 of them, which means Akila and Imani would have been together. Imani said she is always worried and embarrassed when Akila is mean to other kids. Then the boys started talking about the crazy night. Wow, the stuff they see and deal with is amazing.

On a side not, we are still in the process of trying to get Akila on Medical Assistance (MA) through TEFRA (a parent pay option). We are waiting for our neuro-psychologist to finish the report and fax it to the County so they can determine if she qualifies. I know in my heart it will not help in time for summer, but I am holding out a little hope. I would so love to have some PCA support. I do have Angie, my friend, who has been bringing Akila out every other week for an evening for nearly two years. She is amazing, and is committing to doing it weekly during the month of July. How cool is that? She rocks.

So, it is day 2 of summer vacation. I have a hope that I will be able to take one night off a week to maintain my sanity, but last night might be putting a dash on that hope. When she is totally off her rocker like that, I am usually the only one that can calm her down. Cross your fingers everyone, it is going to be a long summer.


GB's Mom said...

Sounds so difficult. Hugs to you and prayers for Akila

daningo said...

It was nice to meet you today. My boys were hesitant about going to VBS but loved it! It was funny to see you and recognize you. I was looking through Janelle's blog list one time and since you lived in North, like me, I found myself going back to read more :)