Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recital recovery

Last week was long but we made it and it went pretty well! The biggest problem was getting Akila to leave with Ruth, our sitter, after she finished with her dances at the Thursday night rehearsal. She finally did leave, but I thought we were lucky nobody called the police as we were in the parking lot having quite the episode. A stranger could have easily thought we were kidnapping a child as I tried to help get her into the car.

Saturday is when Akila danced twice, and my niece Natalie helped. She was having some issues and being rude on and off, but no major rages thanks to Natalie's help. She did manage to steal a cell phone by the end of the 1st show, which turned out to be the Stage Manager's ( a parent volunteer, who I am facebook friend's with, so she knew of Akila's sticky fingers and laughed it off). It really does help people deal with Akila when they know what to expect.

By the end of the 2nd show, she had some lipstick and sunglasses stuck in the hole of her bear. Natalie felt kind of bad. I told natalie, she would have stolen 40 items without Natalie, and not to feel bad. She steals stuff right in front of my eyes and I don't see or notice.

Michael and the kids came to the 2nd show on Saturday and he brought her home afterwards. Last year, this was a major meltdown time and he had to literally drag her out of the building as she kicked him and cursed loudly. He was dreading this moment this year, but I had made a deal with her that she could come on Sunday for the final show and watch it if she went cooperated on going home and to bed on Saturday night. Worked smoothly. And, she was good on Sunday at the show.

We went straight from the recital on Sunday to Dan and Tara's (Michael's brother and his wife) for a birthday celebration. Dan turned 50 on Sunday. Ouch is all I can say. Akila actually did really well. I knew we would have a meltdown at some point, and it was right as we were finishing up cake before we left. So we left quickly.

This is the last week of school in our district, and I am so thankful it was not over last week. I need a week to recover from the recital, and refresh for the summer. The kids are signed up for VBS next week in the mornings, which should be fun.

My house is totally trashed. I ignored it completely last week during the craze of recitals. Normally, on Saturday mornings, we do chores. Not sure why Michael didn't have the kids do them on Saturday, but going one week without them is not good. I hate that when the recitals are over, it is like they aren't really. I still have to do a bunch of work this week (depositing checks, counting money, dealing with emails, not to mention getting the summer session registrations figured out- UGH). This part-time job is getting crazy.


GB's Mom said...

I am happy Akila Recital went well. GB's first dance recital is the 19th and I am not sure she is going to hold it together long enough to get on the stage. It is so much easier when people know what to expect ahead of time. I tried to tell GB's dance teacher where the trouble spots were going to be, and she told me not to worry about it, GB is normal. And this is the same teacher that had to move GB from the 7-8 class, to the 5-6 class so she could function!

the johnson crew said...

I am so glad God gives you grace to deal with all this. i don't know how you handle it all along with the part time job. sounds overwhelming to me. (but i am kinda wimpy sometimes.)