Friday, June 11, 2010

School's out

Summer is here. I am trying to be happy about that. I have a weird mix of emotions of dreading it, and looking forward to it. I love summer, love the beach, the pool, my friends boat, and all that fun stuff. I dread Akila's behavioral issues and the lack of structure. No matter how hard I try, I don't seem to be good at structuring our days enough.

But, I think this first week off will be a good one. My 15 year old niece (or one of them I should say), is staying with us for the week to help out. Natalie is the one who helped Akila at the recital last week also. Already tonight, she has been a life saver. I could get use to this!!! I'll keep you updated.

My living room is trashed, with the usual junk that comes home on the last day of school. All the paperwork from all year, art projects and other stuff. Akila came home with a back pack full, a bag full, and a box. We had to go through everything in her box and bags. The great thing, is that she took a bunch of classmates notebooks that they threw in the garbage. She took their garbage. They were smart enough to trash it, and she took it. Now I have to recycle half of her classes junk. Too funny.

I usually have to wait a few weeks until they forget about it, and then I throw it out with the recycling when they're not around. I gave the kids all an end of year gift; Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do It Yourself book. They love these Wimpy Kid books, and 2 of them have been asking for the Do It Yourself book for months. It is basically a journal, but it is set up and has questions and it is pretty cute. They were excited. Something I can tell them to do when I start to hear they are bored (which will start tomorrow if not tonight, I expect).

Although Akila had several suspensions this year, she really had an excellent year. Her teacher was great, and her one on one aide was fabulous. I can't tell you how much I am praying that she will have the same aide next year. Next year. Middle School. Dread.


GB's Mom said...

Put off thinking about middle school- try to enjoy some summer before you think about what follows :)

Kari said...

It is a full time job to provide the kind of structure our kids need during the summer. Exhausting. Pull in whatever support you can get.

My Bean loves the Wimpy kid books and I'm dreading middle school, too. We have so much in common. Happy Summer! ~Kari

Talitha said...

hope you get to relax this summer!

Betsy said...

You have GOT to call us :)

King of Grace VBS is next week...did you sign them up again?

I have never heard of the Wimpy Kid journal. It sounds perfect. You are such a cool Mom and totally thoughtful!!!

Praying for your week.

the johnson crew said...

our kids have been off for two weeks already. i am really enjoying having them home and not stressing about homeworks and being places. - Friday I went a little crazy, but otherwise we are really enjoying our routine.

miss you.

Linda B said...

I didn't know about the Wimpy Kid journal either. I think Bug would like this. She is already bored. Geez, we haven't even gotten through the first weekend! I went to school to pick up her junk since she was sick the last day. A full backpack and a big grocery bag full. I wasn't thinking and brought it home. Yesterday hubby dumped the whole bag in recycling. What an don't do that so early in the summer! Yep, he had to dig it all out.