Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Calm weekend

We had a pretty calm weekend, it was really nice. Raquel babysat on Saturday night and Michael and I went out, it was the first time in a long time!!!

Akila's Risperdone medicine has been increased and I think we are feeling the good side of the increase. When she first started on this med, we had 4 really good weeks. Really good. I'm hoping it helps for more than 4 weeks this time, if not, we won't stay on it. The Dr. is having us try this, and if it is being helpful, we will probably switch to a different but similar med. Akila has been putting on weight too quickly on it which is a side effect.

She is also scheduled to see a Psychiatrist for the first time in two weeks. Hopefully this will help us with medicine management and behavioral challenges.

We are almost half-way through summer, and it really has been going well all things considered. Akila has been refusing to go to any programs, which is making it more difficult. The only things we have going on a scheduled basis is swimming lessons on Monday afternoons for 40 minutes, the other 3 kids have an hour long ceramics class on Wednesdays (Akila, rages, and ceramics are not a good fit), and Angie taking Akila (and sometimes the other kids) out on Tuesday evenings. Not much if you ask me.

The other 3 kids don't usually want to go anywhere. They are home bodies and just want to stay home and play with neighborhood kids. And this makes Akila want to stay home. She does have a summer enrichment class, quilting and sewing, at our school for three weeks starting the first week of August. That will be really nice!!!!! She is excited for that and so am I.


Betsy said...

I will be driving Megan to/from her class - do you want Akila to ride with us or is she on the bus?

dorothy said...

Yeah for half way through summer! The disruption even with homeschool is enough to send my kids spinning and my brain into overload. Looking toward September with you!