Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catching up

I had my weekend getaway this past weekend- it was totally amazing. I got to see lots of old friends, and I got to water ski and tube. The weather was beautiful and I had a really relaxing time.

Akila's weekend with Wendy went really well and the other 3 kids had an uneventful weekend (which means good), with dad at home. I had planned Imani's birthday party for tonight (Tuesday) as Angie was set to take Akila out and this is a good thing. Akila and parties don't always mix. I gave Imani the choice to have Akila attend the party, with Angie kind of helping as Akila's PCA. Kids were being dropped off her, and I was going to drive them to the beach to swim.

If Akila was losing it, the deal was that Angie would leave with her. This afternoon, before party (which was from 5-8), we were driving around running errands and Akila was getting mean. Imani leaned forward and told me quietly while I was driving that she had changed her mind and did not want Akila to come. Her morning meds had worn off and she was getting mean. We got home and took her 2nd dose and she was a bit better. So we tried it.

Akila did pretty well, Imani is so patient and forgiving with her. When we were driving in the beach, I couldn't help but be sad as I watched Akila desperately to fit in with girls that are one year younger than her. She was laughing with them, and most often, not at the right time. She was trying to interject things into their stories, and it did not make sense. She did not get mad, and no one made fun of her, but it was one of those times when you can see how much she does not fit in with her peers.

Driving home, Akila was in Angie's car, Imani was with me. Imani said that next year she doesn't want Akila to come with- Akila had been calling names and being mean, which I did not notice. I said that was fine. Haleigh, my niece, is sleeping over (my boys went to her house for the night). After the rest of the girls were picked up, I said our friend from next door, M, could sleep over also. Akila lost it. Big time.

I had to drag her out of the family room in a rage. Eventually, I was able to calm her down. A new distraction that I started using last night, and used twice today, worked. During the rage, I tell her that I can hear her baby, Jazmine, crying. I have tried this before with no success. This time I threw in the twist that she sounded sick. I felt her forehead and said she had a fever. We had to go into medical mode and get some meds for the baby. Even gave her a shot after Akila got her evening shot.

This worked last night, earlier today, and again tonight. Also, tonight, I threw in the added bonus that Jazmine was scared of the sky as it looked like it was about to storm, which it did shortly. She stayed in our bedroom with Michael and I and nursed the baby. We fed her, burped her, cleaned throw up, etc. Akila watched some chef show with us, and I told her that she and Jazmine probably should sleep in our room as Jazmine seemed scared. Thankfully, this worked. I knew there was no way she could make it in the sleepover in the family room.

We hate to have her sleep in our room. She then tries to do this every night. But it was the best option tonight. I will tackle the problem the next night, when it is not Imani's special night. I am now planning Akila's birthday party for next week and if you remember, last year's was a weird one. I had some awesome teenagers from the dance studio come to help, and Akila had 4 friends. Akila just wanted to hang with the teens, her peers did not. The dynamics were weird.

This year, I am just inviting the teens. They really like Akila and are great with her. She does not really have any friends, and I didn't like how the girls we invited last year, just ignored Akila. Akila thinks that she is going to invite both age groups. I will tackle this issue later with her.

Next week, Akila's summer school class, Quilting and Sewing, starts and runs for three weeks all morning. I am ready. I pray that she wants to go the whole session and does not get resistant. We could really use some peaceful mornings around here.


GB's Mom said...

Glad Imani had a normal sleep over. Nice distraction with the doll. Right now, at 7, GB functions emotionally and socially as a 5 year old. That is the dance and gymnastic classes we have her in.

Megan said...

Praying for next week as you look forward to those peaceful mornings. Praying they are good for everyone!