Thursday, July 1, 2010

Imani is 10

I started this post on Wednesday, and am just finishing it.

Imani is such a blessing, I can't even explain how much of a blessing she is. She turned 10 today, and I have been thinking all week of how thankful I am that the Lord brought her into our family.

Imani is kind, sweet, generous, and strong willed. She is fun, likes to tell jokes, loves to learn magic tricks and do them for all of us, and enjoys performing-even though she is fairly quiet and somewhat shy. Go figure.

She is the perfect sister for Akila. God knew what he was doing, that is for sure. Just now, I had to give Akila her evening meds. I also gave Imani a glass of juice, and said let's have a race. Med time is always a challenge with Akila. I watched as Imani (with no coaching from me), watched Akila's speed, kept hers slower and let Akila win and made a big deal about Akila winning.

I see Imani growing up right before my eyes every day, and I am so proud of the person she is. I love you Imani!!


GB's Mom said...

What a special young lady!

Anika said...

even as a tiny little girl I could see these character traits in lovely Imani and I'm thankful to Jesus for who he's created her to be!

Anonymous said...

She sounds (and looks) like a beautiful little girl. My forecast for her future is as a nurse, social worker or therapist. People in those fields usually grow up with one or more physically, mentally or emotionally challenged family members.
As long as she doesn't feel too responsible for everyone else and neglect her own needs she'll be absolutely fine.

the johnson crew said...

imani is a sweetheart!