Monday, July 19, 2010

Satan's side

The kids are outside playing. Akila is under control, but being a little mean once in awhile. Zeke just asked her why she likes to be on satan's side. They are engaged in a conversation right now about why Akila likes to be mean, Imani is also in the conversation. Imani and Zeke are calmly trying to explain how mean she is, and asking why she likes to be mean.

Zeke is telling her that something in her brain doesn't seem to be connected right. They are also explaining all the nice things that our neighbor girl (who Akila was being mean to), does to Akila that is nice. Akila is actually handling the conversation fairly well- she is not getting more mad. Two weeks ago, this conversation would have enraged her and she would have been on the attack. We increased her Risperidone about a week ago, and it has helped. I just hope it continues to help. When she started on it, it only helped for 4 weeks.

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Betsy said...

Your kids are so great! It is so neat to see how God totally put the perfect people in your family (and all of our families).
To have siblings who lovingly speak to us for our good to try to help us in invaluable - especially when they learn it before they turn 30!