Saturday, July 17, 2010

Super fun day

Thursday was Michael's birthday so he took Thursday and Friday off. On Thursday, we went and bought the girls each a new bike, Zeke a skate board, and Hezekiah a flying helicopter thingie. I got new shoes. Michael got nothing. This is how he likes it. I actually did order him something, 3 weeks ago, and it has not arrived yet. After shopping on Thursday, we went to the health club and swam.

Yesterday (Friday), we went to Bun.ker Beach in Coon Rapids. I love that place. When I was in college, I use to go there, over 20 years ago. At that time, it just had a wave pool, but I love the wave pool. Before kids, I was a water park junkie. Kids ruined that. Sounds weird, but they just haven't been old enough to make it very worthwhile. Plus, we can never afford to travel. We have been to the Dells with the kids, that was fun. Bunker added a few waterslides and a zero depth pool with a climbing thingie on it several years ago. Within the last year or two, they added a lazy river thingie with two more slides and an adventure pool that has one of those aqua rock climbing things it it. Very fun.

We arrived at 11:30 and left at 7:00 when it closed. It was awesome. Akila was very well behaved. The only bummer was that she was kind of glued to my hip and wanted me to swim with her the entire time. If I would go down a slide with another kid or something like that, she would find me shortly after and chew me out for leaving her. Imani and Hezekiah were swimming buddies, and Zeke was either with Michael or I, so I get it. Akila also wanted a swimming partner.

Michael's brother, Dan, and his youngest son Isaiah came also but didn't arrive until about 3, I think. Zeke then partnered with Isaiah. It was a long day, and it went well. We decided to push our luck and eat out when we left at 7 with Dan and Isaiah, and it also went well.

Akila wants to know what we are doing today. NOTHING!! I told her we need to rest up and take a break. Sunday we are going to meet Dan and Tara and their kids for a summer birthday celebration at Minnehaha Falls (I think). Need to spend this lovely day cleaning, resting and recovering.

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the johnson crew said...

i have never heard of bunker park. glad you guys had fun.

we are only about an hour from the dells. we are hoping to get a sitter for A & M and take our oldest 4 for a day to a water park.

you guys are always welcome to stay with us if you need a place to sleep.