Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lotion, round 2

I just had a mini smackdown with Akila and the lotion bottle. Actually, I was using some medicated goop as some spots are bad. I was just aiming for the bad spots.

She raged, we wrestled, I got a little on. Then I left her alone to settle down and get dressed. She just came to show me that she has lotioned up most of her body. Score one for mommy and Akila. She did it herself. This is rare, but it does happen sometimes. She also wanted to alert me and show me that her breasts are growing. This is nothing new, she does this about 5 times a day. TMI, I know.

Last night, I got to braid her hair. I saved it for the evening as she is usually pretty good when getting her hair done, which takes a couple of hours. We watched a Nativity movie that our neighbor gave us last week. It is pretty well done. She had already watched it once. During the part where Joseph and pregnant Mary are walking from Nazareth to Bethlehem, there is a scene where they have stopped to spend the night in the dessert, and Joseph's feet are bloody from all the walking.

It hit Akila all of a sudden that they did not have band-aids. She was quite sad for them. She is obsessed with band-aids. Obsessed. She then went through a list of all the things they did not have back then: air conditioning, movies, TV, cars, etc. It was a long list.

Before the end of the movie, when baby Jesus was born, Akila asked me to leave the room. She did not want me in there for the birth of Jesus. They obviously don't show the actual birth, and don't make too big of a deal out of that part. I couldn't figure out what she had planned. Usually, when she has a request like this, she has something up her sleeve. She had a blanket wrapped around her as we were doing her hair, so I wondered if she had stuffed her tummy and was going to try and pretend to give birth at the same time. This is something she would do.

So, I stepped out before the birth of our Lord. I kind of spied on her through the curtain on the french door, and all she did was watch very intently. It was very interesting. I returned after the baby was born, and she thanked me. She was not able to verbally express why she wanted to be alone, but I thought it was kind of cool. Not sure why.

Today we are going to meet my sister-in-law and her two youngest kids at Lake Nokomis and I think I am more excited than the kids. I love beaches, and I love Tara (sis-in-law). We have grown closer in the last year or so and this has been a great support for me. I also need to get these kids out of the house!!!!!! They are driving me nuts, in all the usual ways kids do that. And one is doing it in the not-so-usual ways kids do that.


Kari said...

It's funny how I can so relate to what you write about your daughter. We need to get our girls together. :-)

Anonymous said...

I remember being that age so well. I probably checked to see if my breasts were growing 20 times a day but no way would I have mentioned the subject to my mom. My daughter, now 16 and neuro-typical (all my kids are) would rather have died than discuss her breasts with me or anyone other than her girlfriends but she was thrilled to go bra shopping with me when the time came and getting permission to shave her legs was HUGE.
Akila is so intense and special. It must be a rough ride but she has great potential if she doesn't give in to temptation and become a cain-smoking stripper.