Monday, January 17, 2011

Personal Hair Stylist

Imani's hair appt. for Friday at 3:30, (all 4 kids were suppose to get hair done at same time after school for photo shoot scheduled for Saturday at Children's Hospital), was canceled. I was so relieved it wasn't Akila's- she would not have taken that well. The lady rescheduled it for Saturday morning at 7:30. Ugh. I am not a morning person.

Brought the kids to the salon on Friday after school, and it went really well. Akila's hair looks adorable. Ness, one of the PCA's, came to the salon, and stayed to take Akila when she finished as I drove other kids to basketball and other things. Here are a few pics of Akila.

She came home telling me she has her own personal hair stylist, and was very happy with the end product. Thanks be to God. It did look great. The photo shoot went well. One funny thing. The photographers wanted one or both of my boys to take off their shirts. We talk a lot and often in our family about modesty. It does not register with Akila. She does not get it at all and does not care. Our other 3 are almost to the other extreme, and I think this is because they watch Akila being on the opposite extreme. Well, the boys wouldn't take their shirts off. Sounds funny, I know.

The photographers just wanted them to do the criss cross pulling off of the shirt with a smile, and the picture would be taken only seeing their smile, the top of their head would have been covered by the shirt still. They refused. We tried to talk them into it a little bit, but respected their wishes of course. It was kind of funny when you think about it.

They did several pictures with bandaids on, holding X-rays, splints on their arms, wearing hospital gowns, and others. Not sure which kids or pictures will make it, but it is for a billboard campaign. So, keep your eyes peeled when driving around the Twin Cities.

Hezekiah and Imani are featured on the mission posters that hang throughout Children's Hospital. One in in the cafeteria. My friend, Julie, emailed me last week asking if there was a picture of Akila hanging in the cafeteria. I said, no, it is Imani and Hezekiah. On Thursday, I was at a meeting and walking by the cafeteria and saw a big pic of Akila coloring hanging in the cafeteria. I emailed Julie to tell her she was right. Oops. There is also a picture that has a profile picture of Zeke at a table doing an art project (in a yellow shirt- Julie!). So they are all 4 covered. Phew!!! Kind of fun.

After I took the pictures of Akila's hair, she wanted to do a short video. Here it is. Such a drama queen.


Psycho Mom said...

How kind and sweet she sounds. I wish she always behaved like that. She is most happy when she has gotten her hair done. Wish I had the energy and money to do it daily.

Betsy said...

Her hair is SO cute! Happy to hear you have found a stylist for now :)