Thursday, January 27, 2011

They're back

I have been in denial for a few months. But my migraines are back. I started getting migraines as a teenager. They are horrible. Two years ago, they were getting bad. I finally went and saw a Neurologist who is a headache specialist two years ago exactly. He put me on 7,000 mg of Vitamin D a day and 500 mg of Magnesium a day. My headaches disappeared for nearly two years. Unheard of in my life. I had been at a point where I was having a tension headache at least 50% of the time which would result in a full fledged migraine every 4-8 weeks. It was bad. It got good. Really good.

I was totally sold on the Vitamin D kick. Still am. Started my kids awhile ago on 1,000 mg of it a day and they have hardly had the sniffles in over a year. No stomach bugs. Please don't let me be jinxing myself by writing this. :)

So, the last 3 or 4 months, the headaches have been creaping back. And I have been in denial. Mainly just the tension headaches, the type I can still function with, they do slow down my productivity and all, but don't knock me out of commission like a migraine does. In December, I finally started charting them. Of the last 36 days, I have had a headache 23 days. Last Wednesday, the migraine hit. A bad one. In the olden days, after a migraine, the headache would be gone. It was not gone last Thursday. I decided it was time to go back to the Neurologist.

I called in the morning expecting it to take a few months to get in, but they had a cancellation for 11:00 the same day. I grabbed it. We have a new plan. Here it is:

  • MRI of the brain. I struggled with this one. I had one in 2007. Did have Lipoma which is a fatty tumor that supposedly doesn't cause the problems I'm having and they do nothing about. Have to pay for the MRI which is well over $1,000 since haven't met the deductible, January being my least favorite financial month of the year (especially with a $3,200 plumbing bill). But we scheduled it. He thought it a good idea since such a big change all of a sudden. I'm sure it is nothing
  • Starting a preventitive medidicine called Top*omax. Has a weight loss side effect I'm hoping hits me hard!!!
  • I was not taking enough Magnesium or the right kind, so he upped it to 1,000 mg and it has to be chelated and end with an "ate" (glycinate or lysinate)
  • Got some shots that I can use on myself when I do have a headache. Will tell you more about those now.
Two years ago, I got a nasal spray called Migran*al. It cost $400. It lasted me two years since I had so few headaches and the few times I did feel one coming on, I used this spray and it worked. Well, this spray is now up to $700 and the same medication is available as an injection. I have no problem with giving myself shots so I chose this. Only $300. Had the training last Friday, they faxed the Rx to my CVS.

CVS called to say they had to order it and it would take until Monday. OK I said, on day 6 of a headache. I waited til Monday. Went in on Monday. They forgot to order the filter needles that are necessary. This is on day 9 of a headache. I waited until Tuesday, day 10. Called in the morning. Shipment hadn't come in yet. Went in later. No shipment. Called later. Nobody had placed the order. I freaked. They called a hospital inpatient pharmacy. I had to drive to Methodist Hospital to get it. This is where my Dr. is located. Should have just had them fill the

Got home, got ready to give myself the shot. There were no needles, just the filter needle, which is not what you use for the actual injection. Ugh. Thankfully, CVS did have some of those instock. After I finally was able to give myself the shot, it actually worked. My headache went away. It was a miracle!!

Update. I started this post over two weeks ago. As I was writing it, I got a headache. Which turned into a migraine. Which turned into a puke fest. Too much info. I know. Long story short. Headaches have been torturing me lately. 1/2 of each week seems to be full of headaches. One migraine a week. Headaches at least half of the week, I can get stuff done, but am kind of a zombie. Haven't been reading and catching up on blogs lately. Hoping to return to normal soon. More later.


Sheri said...

Migraines suck. I have lived with migraines since I was 10. My kids were both diagnosed at 17 months.

Nothing worked for my migraines for years. I lived with a puking migraine at least 2x per week. I cannot ever remember NOT having headaches.

About 5 years ago I started on a beta blocker for the headaches and I rarely get migraines anymore. I may have one about every 3 months. It rocks.

Hope you have some luck. I will be thinking of you.

GB's Mom said...

I know nothing about migraines, and I hope I never have to learn. I am glad you got some relieve.

Rachel said...

White Flower Oil ( was introduced to me by my mother. During one of my headaches, she gave me this tiny bottle of oil and told me to massage it on my temples and forehead. Amazingly, it worked! Somehow the oil penetrates into the affected area and relieves the pain.

Megan said...

I've had migraines my whole life. Terrible!

I was wondering where you have been. I have been taking Topomax for about 3 years now and it has been helpful. It doesn't keep the migraines away completely, but it has cut them down from 3 days/week to about 3 days/month! Much better and worth it! I hope it works for you, too!