Monday, August 2, 2010

Bra shopping

35 days. Did you see the countdown to school on the right side, over just a little from this post? Well, it says 35 days. 35 days. 35 days. I'm ready. I have almost even bought all the school supplies. I know, that sounds kind of sick. But I'm kind of obsessed with bargains and coupons, so I have been finding the good deals. I have learned that the prices start going up right now on most school supplies. Get to work moms!

Akila had her first day of summer school, the morning was a little rough, but she got off OK and came home happy. I was able to get a little more done around the house and that was nice. I actually FINALLY threw away a bunch of the notebooks and junk she brought home on the last day of school. I know, sick. But she has been guarding it. And she noticed immediately. Ugh. I had to gather the stuff I had saved and bring it to her, and she was mad it seemed a little short. Recycling was today while she was gone, so I dumped a bunch of it. I told her it was all there. Hopefully she will not think about it again.

She made a bean bag at summer school, her class is sewing and quilting. We had to make one when she got home, cuz she wanted to. I didn't do anything right. I learn more every day that I am not a patient person, much like my mom was. I have no patience with teaching cooking, sewing (which I am not gifted at, either of them actually), and stuff like that. It was a long afternoon.

While she was gone this morning, Imani and I went bra shopping, both girls are at that age. They have been using training bras, and needed the next level. They wear the same size, and bring Akila bra shopping does not sound like fun to me. Akila constantly takes Imani's bras and she can never find them. We bought some for both of them, and Imani's are locked safely in her lockbox in her bedroom. How sad. We talked about how when she takes them off, she needs to put them in the box, and I will go into it on a regular basis and wash them. If she puts them in the hamper, Akila will take them. Poor girl, what a life. But she is great with it.


GB's Mom said...

It is so different when only one child is special needs. I think in a lot of ways it is harder- you have two totally different needs competing.

Linda B said...

I understand exactly what you have to do. We have had to do that when DQ lived here because ANDREW would take them! Bug is close to needing a training bra so looks like I'll be shopping for a lock box for her too.

Anonymous said...

What does Akila do with her sister's bras? Doesn't she have identical ones of her own? I could understand if Imani has really sexy bras from V*ictoria's Secret or (God forbid) F*rederick's of Hollywood but why take something that is nearly identical to something she already has?
You know, reading about Akila's birthday, I had an idea for a party that she'd probably love. You could invite several strippers and they could show Akila their costumes, let her try on their stilettos and thigh high boots and teach her a few dance moves. Wouldn't that be awesome? It's probably not a good idea, but I think she'd be into it.