Friday, August 13, 2010

Oops, my bad

Wednesday morning, I was at the grocery store and Akila's Sewing and Quilting teacher called my cell phone. Evidently Akila was having a hard time using the equipment safely, mainly the scissors and needles. She was sliding the open scissors along her face and arms and poking herself with the needles. This problem had started on Tuesday, but had not stopped. The teacher said she may have to have Akila just work with yarn or something if she couldn't use the equipment properly. I supported her in that idea, and talked with Akila.

On the way home from the grocery store, I remembered that I had forgotten to give Akila her meds in the morning. Oops, my bad. About an hour later, the Associate Principal called and Akila was in her office. I had to go pick her up. Oops, my bad.

As I met with the principal, I mentioned that we were doing some med changes, which was true. That day, Akila was suppose to start a new dosage of Concerta. Oops, my bad. The principal asked me why Akila did not have an aide working with her. I said I had no idea, and asked if I was suppose to request one. She said no, and I asked if it was too late. She said no, and yesterday a person started working with her, which is fantastic! The session goes next week also.

This program is not summer school, but more summer enrichment, and she does not qualify for special ed summer school. We are doing the 3 year evaluation for her IEP in the fall and I am going to try to get some language in it about after school and summer activities at the school, and them supplying an aide.

When I ran inside to pick Akila up, I completely forgot to plug the meter (our school is in downtown Minneapolis). I was gone for 8 minutes, and I got a ticket. $42. And of course I was annoyed with Akila about this, when really, if I had given her meds, we might not have been in the situation. Oops, my bad.


GB's Mom said...

My bad, so sad.

An aide, that's rad

for you, I'm glad

Thandi said...

ROFL at GB's Mom's comment!As we say here in South Africa 'sorry' about the ticket :(