Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Going for the jugular

I was reading Kari's blog and it reminded me of something. She mentioned that when she had a hysterectomy a few years ago, she told her daughter to be careful with mommy's tummy and showed her the incision. Minutes later, her daughter punched her in the stomach. This rings true to me also.

As Akila's rages have been escalating the past few years, one of her favorite things to do is to kick. Long ago, I said to be careful of mommy's bad knee, showed her the scars from my knee surgeries. Guess what happened. You're right, she started to go for my knee. It is similar to the fact that during a rage, she looks around a room for the things most valuable to the person she is directing her hostility at. If she is mad at one of her siblings, she will look for an art project they made, or one of their favorite toys.

I have been very careful not to mention mommy's bad knee again. It often comes into my mind, as I am kind of paranoid- but I have learned my lesson. I did receive a good kick to it just last week, but I suppose this is better than the good knee. After all, we all need one good knee.

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K....mom said...

I realize that ragers are often out of control, but doesn't it seem like there's an awful lot of control in those out of control rages? To actually use enough thought on how to do the most damage?