Tuesday, August 24, 2010

cell phones

As many of you know, Akila is obsessed with cell phones. She has stolen many of them, including our school superintendent's. They have been the cause of many rages as Akila is convinced that she needs one. Just for emergency purposes.

Some of you may think that would be a good idea. You might tell me how we can choose a limited amount of numbers she can call or receive calls from. But let me remind you of the time she called 911 when I would not drop everything and go to the store to buy her Cheetos. Her idea of an emergency is not mine.

She received a cheap MP3 player for Christmas two years ago. It has been for close to a year. She received a Nintendo DS game for Christmas, it has been missing since April. I try to explain this to her when she thinks she could be responsible with a phone. It doesn't click with her.

The out I try to use most often when she gets stuck on the wanting a cell phone idea, which is about every 2-3 days (for real), is that when she can go for two weeks without swearing, name calling, hitting or kicking, I will get her a cell phone. I know, that may sound cruel. But I honestly would get her a cell phone if she could do that. I might even bring her to Disney World.

Today, we went to school for a uniform swap event. On the way home, she was listing off what she wants for Christmas. She hadn't even mentioned a cell phone. I was surprised. Then, she asked if she could be good between now and Christmas, if I would get her a cell phone. I asked her to define good. She covered it pretty well. She said, no swearing, name calling, hitting, kicking, etc. I said yes, she could have a cell if she could be good until Christmas.

I also asked her how long it had been since she called me a name. She said she didn't know. I said about 10 minutes. She called me an a-hole as we were leaving school because they did not have any pants in her size. We then also went over other things she can do when she is getting mad. She knows what better options there are. She listed them all. Count to ten, take deep breaths, squeeze your teddy bear, etc.

I honestly don't think 11 year olds need cell phones. But I absolutely will buy her one if she is good until Christmas. And I truly hope she is. ;)


GB's Mom said...

I most certainly can see your point! I probably would, too.

DynamicDuo said...

If she can make it to christmas and I highly doubt it - but if it happens that you have to honor the deal and get a cell, look for a firefly or some of the cells for young children where only 4 numbers can be programmed in. Or in the toy section of Wall - mart you can find realistic looking cell phones that are actually toys. We held the girls off for 3 years with cellphone looking walkie talkies........... or if its just to have one cuz everyone has one - I have an older one in my drawer that you could give her. She'll look the part without the agony...