Monday, August 16, 2010

6 times a charm?

I have had 5 knee surgeries, on the same knee. The same knee has been bothering me all summer. I have not been able to bend it all the way back and have struggled on steps from time to time. Last spring, I had started to run again, then I stopped. Partly due to the knee, mostly due to laziness.

It has been bothering me more the last few weeks and I shall avoid the Dr. as long as possible. He guaranteed me last time that I would be back before I hit knee replacement time (which I am guaranteed to need in the future). Last time I had surgery, 6 years ago this month, I went into it not knowing if I was just going to have it scoped, or have part of my tibia sawed off and some fake bones or other yucky sounding stuff put in it, which would have resulted in two months of crutches. Praise the Lord they got in there and only had to scope it. My mom was sick with cancer at the time and my children were 1,2,3 & 4 (and Zeke, who was 1, was a sick preemie with tons of appt's), I was not looking forward to two months of crutches- been there, done that.

I am truly praying that I don't need another surgery. For some reason I think of myself as a healthy person, yet I have had 10 surgeries in my short life (ha) and I am not ready for the eleventh surgery. They have all been minor stupid ones, but the last several, have taken me longer to recover from. I wonder why that is? I had surgery when I was a child and swallowed a penny which got stuck in my esophagus. I had the first 3 knee surgeries in high school, one in college. Those were all a breeze to recover from.

The last several, thyroid, tonsils, appendix (you would think I would be losing weight with all my internal organs they have removed!), the recovery was not as easy. I want to be done, at least til my 60's or later, when I have in my head I will need a new knee. Enough whining. I am off to ice the knee.


Linda B said...

Well, here's another thing we have in common...knee surgery and body organs being removed! Oh and the future knee replacement. We'll have to talk about all of our surgeries over lunch~

Kari said...

I had to schedule surgery for my stupid toes yesterday and I kept asking myself when would be a good time to take 6 weeks off of driving, grocery shopping, laundry, chasing kids,...?!

Let's schedule the surgeries at the same time and recover in a spa somewhere!

GB's Mom said...

I had my right knee replaced two years ago, when I was fifty. Surgery takes longer to recover from as you get older. It was painful surgery(I had a malfunctioning morphine pump)but I could walk short distances unaided before I left the hospital and started classes 4 weeks later. Outside of the pain, it was easier then the temporary fixes that led up to the knee replacement.