Monday, October 18, 2010

Better day

I was able to get better sleep last night and felt much better today. After a Dr. appt, Michael and I went out for breakfast and then stopped at Office Max. By the end of Office Max, I was feeling the pain. I hadn't taken a pain med yet as I was waiting until we got home from breakfast. We decided to stop at Costco quick to check out eye glasses and guess what I got to use?

You're right if you guessed that I used one of those motorized carts. It was a blast. I especially enjoyed going in reverse so it made the very loud beeping noise. Yes, I did get some funny looks as you usually see older people in these vehicles. But I am 42 people, don't forget. I had Micheal take a picture on my cell phone which I sent to a few friends, but I can't find a cord to get it uploaded on the computer so you're just going to have to try and picture a hottie like me tooling around Costco in one of those things.

Came home, got some medication, and had a great afternoon. It is amazing how much it really does help in recovery to not be in pain. This afternoon, my knee felt so much better and I was able to get it to bend further so I could walk on stairs better and do a few more things like that. It is important that I get it moving and bending more. I start physical therapy on Wednesday and I am not looking forward to that.

When I was a teenager and had my 3rd knee surgery in which they opened it up wide and put a staple in it, I had a cast on it for months and could not bend it when they took the cast off. I had to go to PT forever and it was horrific. I thought then and I still think, that the physical therapy was more painful than the actual surgery- and the surgery was painful!!!! I have vivid memories of laying on a table with curtains around me and this crazy woman bending my knee where it should not have been bent and me crying in agony. It was horrible.

I know it won't be that bad this time, but I still dread it. I also remember a horrible machine they had back then called the "Orthotron". I hated it. I hope they have put it in it's grave. That was back in the early 80's after all. My luck is that what I will be working with on Wednesday.

Akila had a very rough weekend, some really crazy behaviors and only hit my knee once and not too hard. Tonight she was great and I always appreciate great nights. Thank you Lord!


mindfulness said...

I'm glad you had a better day. I did have a cool visual of your trip around Costco. Parenting kids with challenges and having our own physical challenges is quite a difficult pairing!

Kari said...

I hope it keeps getting better each day. Ride the scooters as long as you can!

(I almost called to cancel my own upcoming surgery after I read the blog post before this. Not fun stuff...especially for us old folks!)


GB's Mom said...

Glad you are feeling better :)

Linda B said...

Oh I remember PT in the late 70's with a knee that won't bend. I had my 3 knee surgeries then with casts too. It was like it was cemented in place. I remember the male pt using all his strength and body wt pushing and pushing. Oh the pain and agony. I am sure they have better ways now! Wouldn't ya think?