Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Missing money

I have been really good at taking my wallet out of my purse and locking it and the van keys up in our safe. Or so I thought.

On Sunday, I realized I had some money missing out of my wallet. I wasn't sure if it was two or three twenty dollar bills, but I knew it was for sure two. I found Akila, and told her that I need help finding some money I had lost. She got mad and said she didn't take it. I said I knew that, but I needed her help finding it as she is the "observant one". We always tell her this, and it is actually true.

She protested a little. I then told her that I would not be able to do her hair until I found my money as I was so upset. She went upstairs to her room to look, and then went outside. She promptly came inside to tell me that she had found it outside. It was $40. I thanked her.

Last night, Hezekiah told me that she had $60 on Sunday but she thought she had $3. He had her show it to him, and he counted it for her and told her it was $60. Why he didn't come and tell me right away, I have no idea. The kids are usually pretty good at this. He must have gotten distracted.

After school today, someone picked her up from school for me and was going to bring her to dance but they stopped home to pick something up and change quickly. I mentioned to this person that if she saw Akila with $20, to let me know. She said that Akila had already shown it to her and it was in her pants pocket.

When Akila came downstairs, I told her I had lost $20 in her room when I was cleaning and asked her to help me find it. She went upstairs, but did not find it. I checked her dance bag. Didn't find it. They left. I searched her room for her uniform pants and shirt. Could not find them. I looked in the bathroom, and in my room. Finally, I found her pants under our bed. Sure enough there were $20 in them.

We could talk about possession and ownership and stealing until we are blue in the face. It is not going to stop. I have also learned, that it is not the best teaching time to talk about it when she has been caught. So I have learned to be casual about it, and then I am more likely to recover the stolen goods. And now I must be even more careful about locking up my wallet ALWAYS!!!!


GB's Mom said...

I am sorry.

DynamicDuo said...

It does us no good to confront either daughter about ownership issue - even when they are caught red-handed. So we too do covert searches, (my sister used to work in a residential girls home and taught me how to toss a room) I find what was taken or missing and say nothing. I have to figure they know I do this, but they have never said a word. sad.

K....mom said...

I just gave up and keep mine locked in the car.