Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Scheduled # 6

I went to the Orthopedic Dr. for my knee finally. I have a big tear in my medial meniscus, and am scheduled for knee surgery #6 on October 15th.

I am actually relieved. He thought it might be a major surgery. I have had 2 major ones, one big one, and 2 little ones. This is a little one, meaning arthroscopic. I can do this. Last time, I was off crutches by bedtime, 6 years ago. Now that I am in my 40's, I realize it might be a little more rough, but just a little.

Akila had her first incident at school this year. She hit a kid on the bus ride home and was written up. Not good. This is the first year where she has had an incident before the end of November. It usually takes her longer to get comfie.

The school has been doing her 3 year re-evaluation for special ed and I go in on Thursday for the results and for her IEP meeting. It will be interesting. She pretty much has an all new team this year since she is in middle school. I don't know them yet and they don't know me. It usually takes quite awhile for me to "prove myself" as not a crazy and lazy mom (although I feel that I am, but you know what I mean!). Akila can come off as quite normal. I thankfully have her great Aide who gets Akila well. I am especially concerned that they are not going to understand the need for no homework. But I will stand strong in this area.

Have I mentioned that Akila has started pointe ballet? That is the ballet they do on their toes with those weird (and expensive!) shoes? I think she is doing OK. I have hired some dancers to help her in class (yey Lindsey!), and that helps a lot. I will have to get some pictures of her in the pointe shoes, she is pretty excited about it.

We are having challenges with controlling her food intake (and mine, but that's another story). She has typically had very little appetite during the day, and eats like a horse all night. I found out from her aide that she has been getting two lunches at school and eating it all. And she is still eating like a horse at home. This is a side effect of one of her meds. Interesting that the first 6 , months she didn't want to eat much for lunch, now she is. Ugh.

I emailed the food service lady and they are going to limit her to one meal at lunch time. I am going to try to get some high protein snacks for her to have to help with her hunger.


GB's Mom said...

When GB was on risperidone, we had the same problem. What worked for her was complex carbohydrates and protein... apple slices and peanut butter, rice cakes and cheese, ect.

Sheri said...

We recently had to take my daughter off risperadone because she gained 38 pounds in 4 months. UGH!

the johnson crew said...

i will be praying for your knee and that it heals quickly and that the surgery helps the problem.