Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Akila has Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS). She use to have bouts of vomiting about every 2-3 months, and once a year or so, she would get dehydrated and we would need to go to the ER for an IV and then we would leave. About two years ago, the Dr.'s started her on a medicine Periactin, which was to prevent the vomiting issue.

They think the CVS may be tied to migraines, which I know all about. She does always get a headache with them, and is sensitive to light. I think they are right. Since being on Periactin, she has not had a bout of vomiting, in over two years. We took her off of it in the end of July as the the same enzyme in the liver metabolizes this medication as well as another so we decided to give it a try.

Akila came home with a headache yesterday. I thought she was faking and didn't want to go to dance. Shortly though, I realized she was not faking. As soon as she started puking. I remembered though that we had also been given a medication, Zofran, to put under tongue and dissolve to help stop the vomiting. We used it, and it worked. Did you hear me? It worked!!!

She did not vomit anymore, although the headache did not go away. She laid around all night and watched TV, and was fine this morning. It was just so nice to actually see a medicine work. So often, you think a med might be helping with something, but you never really know. I know this worked. She always throws up all night when she is like this.

She was totally fine this morning, and attended the award ceremony with us and then school. I am so thankful!!! Praise the Lord for good medications that work!


Cindy said...

I talked to both Zeke and Akila about the breakfast. They both told me that it was great! Although Zeke didn't really understand what it was for. I thought YOU had gotten an award.

butomysoul said...

My oldest daughter was just diagnosed with this. She is 18 and because of her behavior is not living at home. She has ended up in the hospital dehydrated three times since July. We saw her psychiatrist today and he adjusted her anxiety meds as that seems to be part of her trigger. We have to see her family practitioner to follow up on the rest.

I really don't know if she can manage this safely on her own. FASD just makes it difficult to analyze, plan, intervene, follow through, etc. :o(