Thursday, October 14, 2010


I received a phone call from Children's Hospital yesterday. Evidently, they were so impressed with my children at the award ceremony, and how sweet Dr. Mackey was with them, that they would like them in a TV commercial. They must have missed Akila eating the table, shaking the table, and going under the table. Excellent!

Tomorrow is my knee surgery, so I have been trying to get things organized. Today is my birthday, so I had to have a birthday lunch with my girlfriend Juli, but spent most of the day trying to arrange hair appointments for the girls. I needed to find a new hair braider for Akila- as we lost our old one due to some of Akila's very poor behavioral issues. Imani has an appt to get her dreads tightened on Saturday, and dad is going to have to take her. He won't be too happy about that.

The TV commercial shoot is on Tuesday. I'm not sure how I will be feeling all weekend, so there is much to do today. I did get some great birthday gifts from the kids. Hezekiah got me some gorgeous flowers. Asked daddy all on his own if they could go and do that and planned it early in the week. Zeke made me a bookmark and an awesome card (I love how 2nd graders spell bithday, grate mom- it is adorable!), Akila got me a few items from the dollar store last night when she was out with Angie, and Imani made me a bracelet and a really cool card. My friend Betsy watched my kids after school and drove Hezekiah to piano (I was at the kids conferences), and her family got me some flowers and cupcakes also- thanks Betsy and family!

And I got some great birthday news! Akila has qualified for DD (dev. delayed) Case Management Services- wahhhoooooooo!!! I don't even know what all that will mean, but I know it is good. They are coming to meet with me in a week and a half for some more eligibility stuff.

So I had a great birthday, had great reports at conferences, and I am getting ready for bed so I can go tomorrow and have the tenth surgery of my life (sixth on same knee). Isn't that ridiculous? And I'm a fairly healthy person, or so I always thought. I must be wrong. Michael has never been in the hospital. I am really hoping this will be my last one, but that isn't very realistic. I have already been told I will need a knee replacement some day. Hopefully when I'm 80. A girl can hope.


Linda B said...

Yea! Andrew is on the DD Waiver too. It is very helpful. We can chat. I hope you recover as quickley as your mind says you will! And tv stars to boot! Will you still do lunch with us when you are flying all over for premiers? Wait a minute, with our kids that wouldn't even be fun. Oh well.

jodilee0123 said...

My birthday is on the 14th too! Happy birthday! (A day late)

mindfulness said...

Happy Birthday! I love reading your blog.