Friday, October 29, 2010

A good deal

I love a good deal. I have told many of you how I have gotten into using coupons through the excellent advise in the website Pocket Your Dollars. I have also shared my thrift store purchases with you all. I have to share again.

Fridays is VIP day (25% off) at a local thrift store, and I of course am a VIP. :) I was on a hunt for winter jackets and other winter things. I got two really nice Columbia jackets, a Limited Too jacket, an Old Navy jacket, 4 pairs of snow pants, two pairs of boots, 4 pair of girls pants, a pair of mittens, one hat, a basketball, and two boys Gap sweaters all for $94 dollars. Here are a few pictures:


dorothy said...

Perfect...I'll send my list over and you can start on my crews needs next. :) Did I mention that CO has pitiful thrift stores? About the standard of the old Salvation Army's.

Betsy said...

Megan and I were just there :)

We got some "fabulous" things according to Megan. We are still looking for boots for her, but know we will eventually find some.

If there is something you are still looking for let me is so fun to look for someone else :)

mindfulness said...

I life right up the street from a thrift store. I love it. My kids even love it!