Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Progress, kind of

At dance this week, dancers can wear costumes. Akila is a spider princess and wore her dress on Monday over her dance clothes. We were the first to arrive, and the next three dancers were not in costume. Akila took her costume off. This is progress, kind of.

It is a good sign that she is socially aware and felt awkward being the only one in costume. She is so clueless usually about these things. I was telling my dear sister-in-law, Tara, today, that if it were Imani in the same situation, I would have been bummed that she took the costume off. I am always trying to teach Imani to be her own person and not worry about what others think. I know, I am inconsistent.

I totally love going against the flow, I always have. I wore Chuck Taylor high tops to prom two years in a row. I have Imani comfortable with wearing socks that don't match. I love this kind of thing. But it is so different with Akila who is socially clueless. So, for her to feel awkward being the only one wearing a costume, was a good thing. A few months ago, she felt weird bringing her teddy bear into Sunday school. I was proud. This is progress, kind of.

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GB's Mom said...

Progress for your girls seems to travel in opposite directions. But progress in any shape or form is good. Keep doing what works for them.