Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Commercial shoot

This afternoon is the TV commercial shoot for Children's Hospital and Clinics. You might remember that last spring my kids got to go to a professional photo shoot for some mission posters for Children's. It was our first experience with such an event, and let's just say, that I wasn't prepared.

We didn't have the right kind of clothes, the clothes we had were too wrinkled and the marketing staff were having to iron my kids jeans. It seemed like we just walked in from a night on the streets. So, I'm trying to be a little better prepared this time.

I have been telling the kids all weekend that they all will more than likely not end up in the commercial. Trying to explain editing and how these things work, I think they kind of get it. I just found out yesterday that from the pictures from last spring, Imani and Hezekiah are the ones who made the cut and are on the mission posters. Hoping to see them today. They are both the most photogenic by far. Zeke is a doll, but he usually gets a fake corny smile and his pictures did not look very natural. And Akila doesn't like being told what to do, even by a photographer, so hers weren't too natural looking either. I'm expecting the same thing today. We'll see.

I am currently trying to wash and iron their clothes (I am going to have to dig for my iron, haven't used it in at least 8 years since we moved to this house). I was looking through all their drawers trying to find some decent jeans. I know that Imani has a pair that she got recently and I could not find them. Until I looked in her pillow case and found them and one of her bras. Poor girl. She is always having to hide things from Akila and then can never remember where she hid them.

That reminds me. Last night Imani made a newsletter called the Imani Gazette. She made one last year and it focused on our dog, Hibeam (who is now deceased). This one focuses on Akila. Actually, I'm going to make a new post and put her newsletter in it. I'll let you all know how the commercial shoot goes, wish us luck!

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