Thursday, April 12, 2012

Counselors in training!

One of our PCA's is doing a class project on FASD with a friend of hers, they are both Family Social Science majors at the U of MN.  They came over last night to interview me about FASD, and the family impact of it.  It is suppose to be a 5 minute video they need to make.

Poor women.  They were here for 2 hours listening to me babble about FASD.  They didn't video all of it, just a short period.  But once you get me going, it is hard to shut me up!

Whenever I encounter young people in college who are majoring in human service fields, education, or medical areas, I just can't keep my mouth shut!  Since basically none of the college programs have much info on FASD, I have a personal agenda to get as many people as I can to go through their college program with their own personal FASD focus.

And these two young women are fabulous, so say a little prayer.  I am trying to get some therapists/counselors who would be specific to FASD, and have an interest, compassion and intentional outreach to families like mine.  I still contend that if someone went through a counseling degree program of some sort, and really learned about FASD through choosing it as a focus on papers, speeches, videos, etc., did some PCAing for children with FASD, they would be amazing resources and their schedules would be jam packed!


schnitzelbank said...

It would be wonderful if their professor could invite you to speak to their department.... open it to professionals in the community and students in the program...

Wendy said...

Thanks for being willing to open your mouth about it! There's no telling how many children and families your time and teaching may save from heartache down the road!