Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FASD awareness event, May 18

I finally figured out how to post a PDF to my blog.  Hooray for me.

My friend Jerrod Brown has been planning an awareness event for FASD and it is coming up next month.  Here is a link to the flyer, I still don't know how to make it appear on my blog (other than a screen shot, using Paint, which I find to be tedious).

The event is May 18th from 11-3 at Concordia College in St. Paul.  I will be doing a presentation at it, and there will be live jazz music, games, prizes, speakers, etc.  I hope you all can come!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi -

I've been reading your blog for awhile......Hennepin Co. Child Crisis just left our house and it was a disaster. I could tell you more in a private email, but I'm wondering if you would be willing to provide me some tips for better navigating that system? I keep getting the message to call 911, but what I need professionals for is to help DE-escalate my child.


Psycho Mom said...

Hi Carolyn, please email me and I will even give you my phone number if you'd like to talk, or meet for lunch/coffee or something. It is a stupid system. Or we can just email back and forth. So sorry, I know the frustration you are feeling. Barb