Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pap smear opportunity

I'm leaving shortly for my annual pap smear.  Too much info?  It is a fact of life, one I truly look forward to.  NOT!!!

But I am asking for prayers as I have put together a packet of info to give my OB/GYN on doing an FASD training at Park Nicollet in the OB/GYN dept.  Hoping she will help to get me in.  I'll have to wait for just the right moment to ask her, at what part do you think I should ask?  Just kidding!!!!

She is a fantastic doctor.  I got her right out of med school over 17 years ago and loved her instantly.  Now she is listed as one of the top docs always and is hard to get into.  A few years, I gave her the Damaged Angels book to help her learn more about FASD.  She read it and called me to talk about it even.

So cross your fingers, say a prayer, OB/GYN's are just about the most important type of doctors to get the word out to about this public health dilemma.


Rachel said...

Who could say "no" to you and your story?

Betsy said...

Wonder if we have the same Dr...

Praying it goes well! If we have the same Dr. I can mention some things if you want at my appointment in May.