Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Annoying evening

One of the young ladies I am in the process of hiring came over yesterday to meet with me and meet Akila. She came at 3 and the bus gets home around 3:40. We talked about Akila. I told her I doubted Akila would rage for her, but when she was at the house when I and the kids were home, she might see her getting yucky towards us. I told her if she ever gets to witness this, to stay close, try to distract Akila, and just hang and follow my directions.

Little did we know that 10 minutes after Akila got home she would be raging. Imani stayed home sick yesterday, and was watching movies in my room. When Akila was giving the PCA a tour, the boys were watching a movie with Imani. It was Akeelah and the Bee, a movie we gave Akila years ago. Akila went nuts because it is "her special movie". She would say this about any movie that she thinks is hers. Never mind that she watches Imani's movies all the time. We stopped awhile ago giving movies to any one kid at Christmas time, they are family movies now.

So, I could have just taken the movie out, but I am really sick of her winning and screwing the other kids. So she went nuts. She punched me in the rib cage, and kicked, and swore. I got her into the hallway. The PCA did a nice job of trying to distract her, asking to see her room and stuff like that. All the while going on and on about her special movie. Then, all of a sudden, a light bulb goes off in her head. And she now wants fake fingernails.

She now rages for awhile about fake fingernails. When she finally realizes we are not going to go buy any, she wants me to go look for some of hers that might be laying around the house. I exit promptly, and they go upstairs to look at her room. Finally distracted. And thankfully, I did find some fingernails in her drawer. Then we had to go into her room and hopefully find some of the glue, and praise the Lord, we found some.

She was kind of on edge all evening, and we had to go to church at 6:40 for family pictures. So, I have everyone change into colors that coordinate- I got much push back and whining as they did not want to wear what I chose. Good times. We get there, and can't find what room they are doing the pictures in. We go to a large church that has 3 campuses, and we were at the main one. We looked everywhere, and the kids were losing patience.

We then ran into the Executive Pastor who runs everything. He had just arrived for a class, so he opened his laptop and started digging for info, and was making calls also. While he was doing this, Akila laid on the floor in front oh him, and said quite loudly with attitude "Jesus Christ!". What a proud moment.

We finally found out that we were at the wrong location, and we had missed our time slot. I could have shot myself. On the drive home, I could barely contain my laughter at Akila's outburst. What was very strange about it, was that she had never before, in all of her raging and yucky language, said the Lord's name in vain. It was not a proud moment, however it still makes me laugh. How horrible am I?


Linda B said...

You got me laughing with you! So if you are horrible I'm right there with you in the bad mama's room! How many shades of red did you turn? ha ha (the word verification for my comment is pilite--cousin of polite? funny!)

GB's Mom said...

Sometimes you just have to laugh :)

Kari said...

Oh, I soooo needed that laugh tonight! Thanks for sharing!